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There are various signs of an emergency electrical repair, including a burning smell, a buzzing sound, electrical shocks, and flickering lights.

If left unattended, the problem could lead to short circuits and devastating electrical fires. In fact, one-third of all structure fires are caused by similar electrical issues. Needless to say, you should always have a reliable emergency electrician on call to fix the problem before it escalates.

At the same time, signs of electrical problems, such as a flickering bulb or a humming breaker box, may only be minor inconveniences that don’t necessarily require repairing. However, we recommend hiring a specialist to check out any inconsistencies to keep your family and home safe.

Here, at Mr Glow Electrical, we are a family business that prioritizes the safety of our loved ones over anything else. Rest assured, our trained technicians are committed to making your home a safe haven free of electrical and fire hazards.




It all started when Jackson, a licensed electrician with a successful electrical and plumbing business already under his belt, came down to Sydney to start a family with Alana. Mr Glow Electrical was then established by partners Alana and Jackson and is truly a labour of love.

With their knowledge and business expertise, Mr Glow is all set to become an industry leader with the quintessential human touch of a family-run business. On that note, our team boasts 25 years of experience in electrical services and an unmeasured dedication towards delivering a stress-free customer experience.




We offer scheduled appointments for minor electrical repair works and installations. However, our 24/7 electricians are on call all hours of the day for emergencies. And if you’re confused about whether you are dealing with an emergency electrical problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Rest assured, our team will try its best to diagnose the issues and provide suitable solutions at the best prices.

But, to be on the safe side, here’s how you can identify signs of electrical issues that could turn into fire hazards:



  1. Smoke

The presence of smoke is a tell-tale sign of an electrical emergency and that a fire may start soon. Many times, such accidents occur due to a phenomenon called arcing.

In simple words, an electric arc forms when there is too much dust buildup in the outlet. Once electricity transfers to the outlet, it heats the dust and dirt, which may turn into a fire.

However, there are other possible causes of smoke coming out of an outlet, such as connecting too many devices at the same time and wiring issues. Nevertheless, you should always call an emergency electrician to diagnose the problem and prevent electrical hazards.


  1. Flickering Lights

A flickering bulb that functions well most of the time may not need further inspection. Here, you can try changing the bulb or replacing a possibly faulty switch.

However, if the flickering is constant, it may indicate dangerous underlying issues, such as voltage fluctuations, loose wiring, or a circuit overload. In the latter case, you should contact an emergency electrician to take a closer look.


  1. Burning Smell

A burning smell, particularly the odour of burnt plastic, is one of the most common signs of electrical issues in the house. On that note, most electrical wiring has plastic insulation, and the acrid odour of plastic burning could mean that it has already overheated. Also, the smell could be accompanied by smoke alarms going off.

You may check appliances, outlets, ducts, and the breaker box to identify and switch off the source. However, the affected wiring may be located in hard-to-reach areas, such as behind walls. So, if you notice any burning odours wafting in the air, you should immediately call an emergency electrician to locate and address the issue.


  1. A Humming Sound

A breaker typically hums or buzzes whenever an electrical current runs through it. However, if the sound gets louder over time, it may indicate that the circuit breaker is overloaded.

Simply put, a circuit overload occurs when you try to draw more electricity than the circuit can handle. As a result, the wiring will get heated, leading to sparks and fires.


  1. Circuit Breaker Is Tripping Constantly 

Circuit overload, short-circuiting, a ground fault, or a breaker box that has become worn-out — these are a few reasons why you may experience a circuit breaker that is constantly tripping. Considering all the possibilities, it is best to contact an emergency electrician to diagnose and safely repair the issue.


  1. Electrical Shocks

First off, check that the electrical panel or outlet is not wet and is not touched with damp hands — when electricity and water mix, it can lead to life-threatening electrocutions. Moreover, water that has seeped through the metre box can corrode the wiring inside and reduce the resistance in the circuits, thus increasing the chances of fires.

Moreover, electrical shocks are a common symptom of loose screws, faulty appliances, frayed wiring, and old outlets.




  1. Immediate Assistance

We are a locally-owned company that operates in your city — rest assured, we will dispatch a service team to your home in record time.


  1. Experience And Certification

Our team comprises licensed technicians and electricians with the proper knowledge and skillset to repair all electrical emergencies for long-term safety.


  1. Transparent And Upfront Pricing

At Mr Glow Electricians, we take pride in offering esteemed clients the best prices in all of the city. That said, our experts will walk you through our pricing policy and a breakdown of the final bill, which includes the cost of replacement parts, hourly rates, and so on.




Whether night or day, you can call on our emergency hotline number, and we will assist you in any way we can. Rest assured, our professionals will be there in no time to repair any electrical emergencies before it is too late.