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Common Electrical Faults

Electrical faults can be caused by wear-and-tack or faulty installations. Whatever the underlying cause, they all tend to come up with some common signs. Here have put together a quick list of the main causes and their corresponding symptoms:

Excessive Load on electrical wires

When any new wiring is going in, it is imperative that you double-check to make sure that the wiring and all the associated wires have the capability to bear the extra weight of the additional wiring. The same applies to the outlets, make sure that all the connecting sockets are firmly attached to the walls. If there is any doubt about the connection, consult an electrician. Do not operate any electrical appliances until you have contacted the electrician.

Leaks in circuits

Any circuit that contains electricity tends to generate some leakage. This leakage can easily happen when you are moving various electrical appliances from one location to another or when there is excessive humidity in the area. To avoid the occurrence of these common electrical faults around the home, make sure to place ceiling fans in the appropriate location and make sure to close all vents properly. It may also help to install ceiling tiles around the room so as to prevent the formation of moisture.

Light Bulbs in Bad Wiring

This is probably the most common cause of faults because it happens to almost everyone at some point of time. The bad wiring can either be the fault of a bad cord or a faulty light bulb. In case of a light bulb fault, first ascertain whether the light bulb is being replaced or is it a new one that needs to be wired. Also, if the light bulb is not working then try switching on all other lights in the house and if none of them work then the only option left is to contact a technician.

Heavy Electricity During Maintenance Work

Most people take it for granted that regular maintenance activities will keep them away from the risk of electrical faults. However, most people are surprised to notice that there are some common electrical problems which often lead to heavy bills when the work is done by someone who is not trained to handle heavy loads. For example, regularly performing tests on the appliances like washers, dryers and generators before they are used can help a lot in avoiding the occurrence of frequent electrical surges. It is very important to make sure that there is no fluctuation in the power supply so that normal operations can continue uninterrupted.

Outlet Bursts

Another very common fault is the outlet burst when the circuit is not properly grounded. Usually this problem happens when two or more outlets are trying to share the same circuit. If both the outlets cannot get the electricity due to several reasons, then it results in the outlet bursts which result in heavy electrical faults. The best way to deal with this issue is by making sure that the outlets are properly grounded circuit breakers should be used to isolate the problematic area.

Overload Faults

This is probably the leading reason for electrical faults as it causes irreparable damage to your appliances and can sometimes even lead to fatal accidents. If you are using an appliance for a prolonged period of time, then chances are that it might have developed excessive thermal overload. Overuse of any appliance can result in the development of thermal overload and this causes the motor to overheat which ultimately overloads it and breaks it. To avoid such an issue, ensure that the appliances like vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, washers and dryers are not overused for a long time period. Also avoid connecting multiple appliances during a single usage. By doing this, you can prevent the possibility of any thermal overload.

In addition to above faults, there are many other electrical issues that you can experience when you are working on a home improvement project. However, these are the most common ones and it is highly recommended to seek professional help if you are experiencing any electrical-related problems at your home. There are various companies that are offering their services at affordable prices to provide home repairs at any time you experience any type of electrical fault. You can trust them to offer good quality services at very reasonable rates. So, if you want to save time, money and stay away from all types of faulty electrical appliances, hiring electrical experts is the best option for you. For more information on how we can assist you with installation, troubleshooting and repairs, contact us or call 0480 030 290