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Bilgola Beach Electrician For Installation And Repairs

Without a doubt, maintaining a stable electrical system is among the basic needs of any home.


As such, when you’re faced with an electrical issue, such as a tripping circuit breaker or a malfunctioning appliance, setting it right will be your topmost priority. Remember that a delay in taking required action may affect the other parts of the power supply system too.


So, you’ll need to find a trusted electrical installation and repair service which can attend to such issues effectively.


A point worth noting here is that it’s best to hire an electrician adept at treating electrical problems in the local neighborhood. Also, they must be well-versed with the building codes relevant to the region.



Mr Glow Electrical is one of the most trusted electrical services in and around Bilgola Beach, so you can count on us to fix your electrical issues most.


Armed with years of experience in providing a range of repair and installation solutions, we strive to maintain top-notch standards in both the quality of work and customer support. Moreover, being a family-owned business, we believe in providing reliable and honest services to our customers every time.



Moving on, here are the various electrical services that we provide in the Bilgola Beach area:


  1. Ceiling Fans


While such fans are cost-effective options for remaining cool throughout the sweltering summer months, regular maintenance is crucial to facilitate consistent performance.


For instance, the fans might need a replacement at some point as a result of regular wear and tear. In such cases, you can get a new fan installed by an experienced and qualified technician from our team.


  1. Smoke Alarms


Equipped with light-sensitive sensors, photoelectric smoke alarms can detect smoke formation promptly and act as the best supplement to a hardwired smoke detection system.


You can place these alarms in corridors, bedrooms, or any other place in the home for added protection against fires. Notably, the experienced team at Mr Glow Electrical is proficient in installing smoke alarms in accordance with the codes in the Bilgola Beach region.


So, if you’re thinking of upgrading to a better device or are shifting to a new home, our team can advise you on the most suitable system for the property. And accordingly, we’ll install the smoke alarms in the desired spot.


  1. Switchboards


You must regularly check the switchboards in your property to ensure they’re working the way they should. After all, they may need maintenance, upgrades, or repairs at any point in time.


That said, an inspection of switchboards by professional electricians from our team is the simplest way to locate any issues. Apart from servicing switchboards, our technicians are adept at installing and upgrading them. So, if you sense a problem with any switchboard or think you need an upgrade, give us a call today to talk it over.


  1. LED Lighting Upgrades


It’s no secret that energy usage impacts both the power bills and your carbon footprint. And the lighting system of the home constitutes a major chunk of your total energy consumption.


So, to reduce your environmental impact and reduce power bills, upgrading the lighting to a more energy-efficient alternative like LED can be an effective solution. And we can provide you with safe and high-quality upgrades and installations for any space as our technicians have the skills, knowledge, and experience required for the job.


  1. General Electrical Repairs


Problems in the electrical system can’t be foreseen most of the time, which is why you may want to reach out to a reliable electrician if you notice any irregularity.


Fortunately, our team at Mr Glow Electrical can conduct all kinds of repairs at any Bilgola Beach property, ranging from minor fault findings to emergency repairs. The various electrical issues that we resolve include flickering lights, sudden blackouts, loud buzzing sounds from appliances or switches, and so on.


  1. Appliance Installation 

If you’re planning to buy any appliance such as an electric water heater or a cooker hood, getting it installed by professionals is of prime importance.


That said, incorrect installation can cause further issues in the electrical system and not just affect the functionality of the appliance. We at Mr Glow have catered to a variety of appliance installation needs to date, so you can trust us to get it done effectively.


Why Choose Us


If you’re still unsure whether we’re worth your trust, take a look at the policies we follow in delivering our services:


  1. Upfront Prices

We at Mr Glow Electrical have a fair and upfront pricing policy — our family-run business stays clear of hidden charges and inflated bills.


Once our electricians reach your home, they’ll examine the problem and will accordingly give you an estimate of the cost before they start working. So, you’re made aware of the pricing beforehand.


  1. Punctuality

We understand that electrical problems shouldn’t be left unattended. As such, we guarantee to be at your doorstep at the time promised during the booking confirmation call. That said, there might be a rescheduling of the services in case of an unforeseen situation — but we’ll make sure to always inform you on time.


  1. Guaranteed Satisfaction 


Our professionals are trained and experienced to act on any electrical issue most efficiently, so you are assured of getting quality service throughout. In fact, the positive reviews and high ratings we’ve received from our past customers are testimony to this fact.


Contact Us Today 


Don’t delay giving us a call for any electrical issues at home — simply dial the helpline number provided on our official website for emergency and scheduled services.

Alternatively, you may leave your email, name, and phone number on our contact page to book a consultation at no extra cost. Rest assured, our customer support professionals will call you back to discuss the details and provide quick assistance.




Choose Mr Glow Electrical for reliable and efficient service. Choose Mr Glow Electrical because:

  • We have over 25 years of electrical experience
  • We are committed to outstanding customer service: all the time, every time
  • We offer a 24/7 emergency service and a free estimate


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