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Fixing Common Washing Machine Issues

If you own an expensive washing machine and it stops working then it’s probably time to call a local appliance specialist for help. Repairs of washing machines can be costly and you don’t want to wait until it breaks down completely before contacting a service technician. If your machine is not working for quite a long time and is on its last legs, it might be time to consider contacting an expert in the field. Here are some tips to help you choose the right professional for your repairs.

Washing machine drain blockage

90 percent of all clothes washing breakdowns are caused by drains clogged with hair, soil or grease. The most common way to resolve this issue is to insert a large bowl that contains some water into the washing machine’s drain pan. You can also try a homemade cleaning solution that works just as well.

Washing machine dryer repair

Sometimes, you will notice that the spin button won’t spin anymore. This could mean that your dryer drum is completely worn out. To resolve this, just remove the old dryer from your washer and take apart all the parts that you can. Look for the areas where the drum moves the most. If you can replace this part, you will have a simple repair job. A small repair job might only cost you about one dollar.

Lid switch repair

The lids on your washers are usually easy to replace. However, if they are broken you will need to contact a professional to complete a washing machine repair project. You should note that most manufacturers recommend not to change or repair the lids on their washers. Instead, these manufacturers recommend replacing the actual latch mechanism instead. This is because it’s more difficult to determine if the lock has been rendered defective by the wear and tear.

Drain hose and splash trap repairs

Like the lids, the spouts and splash traps are also easy to replace if you need a repair. However, the average cost of repairing these parts will be very expensive. It’s generally suggested that you never try to fix these drains yourself. Rather, you should contact a professional to complete any drain hose or splash trap repair job that you find on your own.

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