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How To Choose The Right Electrician For Emergency Repairs

Did you know that there are more than a dozen types of electricians based on their education qualification, specializations, and more?

But most of us are not bothered about an electrician’s background as long as they can fix the issue at hand at a cheap cost. While doing so is common among most homeowners, emergency situations call for a bit of knowledge regarding the different types of electricians.

Imagine having an electrical emergency and the matter getting worse only because you ended up calling the wrong electrician! So, to avoid such mishaps, here’s a short guide on how to choose the right electrician for emergency repairs.



This is probably the most basic yet overlooked step, i.e., to define your electrical needs. Doing so will help shortlist among the different types of electricians and make it easier for you to choose the right one.

In addition to that, you must understand that emergency repairs are meant for experts only. You cannot rely on a newbie or DIY your way through emergency electrical issues! Hence, you must understand the difference between standard services and emergency services.

As such, the emergency services required during a particular situation depend on the appliance, type of installation, and more. So, the electrician should be able to work with the complete installation suite of systems because even a minor mistake can seriously damage the overall circuitry.

However, it is the job of an emergency electrician to fix the issue once and for all and prevent it from recurring. And we believe these emergency issues are best handled by professionals. Especially when it comes to complex electrical systems, fixing them can involve chemical fumes, power failures, and more. So, to avoid such hazards, it is advisable to opt for an emergency electrical company.



There are various factors that determine the quality of an emergency electrical company. However, we advise you to check them out beforehand and not in the middle of a crisis!

As such, here are some factors you need to consider while choosing an emergency electrician…


   1. License

The electrical work may be big or small, but the electrician must be licensed to perform installations, repairs, fittings, maintenance, and more. A license proves that the said electrician has gone through the training and practice required to perform all electrical jobs efficiently and safely.

Hence, a license holds more importance when looking for an emergency electrician for repairs.


   2. Experience

The electrician should offer reliability in the form of experience in the industry. Only a company with multiple years of experience knows how to handle different types of emergency situations. Plus, such a company has its name and reputation at stake, so they will ensure no mistakes while performing the repair work.

Thus, it is essential to check how the electrical company or electrician has fared in the industry before hiring them.


   3. Availability

One can never predict an electrical emergency, so check if the electrician is available 24/7 for emergency repairs. This way, even if a mishap occurs during the wee hours of the day, you will know who to call.


   4. Insurance

It helps to hire an emergency electrician with insurance as that will keep you covered during times of electrical hazards and costlier repairs in the future. As such, if an accident takes place, you won’t be held accountable and may even score repairs at discounted prices.


   5. Guarantees

Opt for electrical companies that offer guarantees as, if you experience any issues after their job is done, you can call them back for free or at a lower price. Such guarantees offer a sense of security to you as a client and show the confidence of the company in its electricians. This becomes even more important if you’re trying a company or electrician for the first time.


   6. Communication Access

You wouldn’t want your call for an emergency to be directed to a pre-recorded response. So, check if the electrical company offers prompt customer care with real people answering your calls.



Now that you know the factors that make an electrical company or electrician fit for emergency situations, here are some tips to help you make the right choice…


   1. Repair Everything At Once

Finding the right emergency electrician can be challenging. So, it is best to ease your work and theirs by getting multiple fixes done at once. Although you may have called them for an emergency, try thinking of other minor repairs they can complete during the visit. This way, you’ll save a lot of time and money as electricians charge per visit.


   2. Check Their Pricing Policy

While quoting a price, ensure that the electrician mentions all the additional fees as well. Sometimes they might have to travel back and forth, so they would want to charge you for that. Hence, ask them for the entire amount and then compare the rates with other electrical companies.


   3. Read Customer Reviews

Checking for customer reviews is always a good idea while hiring an emergency electrician. However, don’t just limit yourself to the official website of the company and check for reviews on third-party sites, ask for feedback from friends and relatives, etc.


   5. Ignore Their Hourly Rates

Don’t get tempted to hire an electrician with a cheap hourly rate. Instead, look for their qualification, experience, reputation, and more. Although we don’t advise you to go over your budget, it’s always better to pay $100 for good-quality service than $50 for poorly performed repair work.



Once you’ve made your choice, we recommend preparing the work area for the electrician. So, try to clean the area and remove any obstructions, unless you want to pay additional charges!

Also, we’d like to reiterate that electrical repairs are hazardous, so it’s best to choose a reliable and affordable company or electrician to do the job. Only a professional can fix an issue safely and suggest maintenance methods to you so that such inconvenient emergencies do not crop up in the future.