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How To Install A Ceiling Fan So You Can Keep Cool All Summer Long

When it comes to Australian summers, they can get pretty hot! Even our winters are on the warm side, but it is the summer heat that can be really hard to beat. If you don’t have a full air conditioning system installed in your home, you may be wondering about the possibility of ceiling fan installation. A ceiling fan is the perfect way to keep you cool all summer long – but how can you install a ceiling fan and what can you do to reduce your ceiling fan installation costs? Read on to find out more!


The safest, quickest and cheapest way to install a ceiling fan is to have an electrician do the job for you. A qualified and licensed electrician will be able to advise you about location and type of fan, and because they will do the job correctly the first time around, it won’t end up costing you extra money further down the line. Not to mention, it will be a lot safer both during the installation and when the fan is in use.


The first thing you should consider when looking to install a ceiling fan is whether or not you have the appropriate wiring. Perhaps your home already has the wiring in place for a fan and you are just looking to upgrade and replace an old model, but if not, the wiring will need to be installed as well. This is a more intricate and expert job – while you can replace a fan yourself in some cases, you will not be able to install wiring.


You might know exactly where you want a ceiling fan to go, but it must be installed in an area of the ceiling that provides proper support. This is true whether or not you have a ceiling fan already in place – in some cases, an electrician may end up revealing that the location of your old fan is not as safe as you would hope! As long as the joists are sturdy, you can install a ceiling fan, whether this is in your living area, bedroom, or anywhere else in your home.


Before beginning any kind of installation process, your electricity will need to be turned off to ensure a safe installation. In replacement jobs, the old fan will be removed and the new fan installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions, wiring the controls of the new fan. If you do not have wiring in place already, this will also need to be installed and the control switch either chosen or put in. Then, you can turn your electricity back on and test the fan to make sure it is working well.

Do you want to make sure your summer is cool and breezy? A ceiling fan could be the perfect way to do it. If you want to get a ceiling fan installed quickly and easily and you are curious as to what the ceiling fan installation cost in Sydney is, get in touch with us today. We can help you to cool down and enjoy the summer.