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How To Install A Ceiling Fan Without Existing Wiring

A ceiling fan is, for many homes, an essential fixture. Especially here in Sydney, where the summers are long and hot, a ceiling fan can really help to cool things down. Of course, a ceiling fan can also help to circulate warm air during the cooler months, making it an invaluable fitting in your home.

However, if you are looking at ceiling fan installation, you might be concerned if there is no existing wiring present in your property. This can be common with older homes, but don’t worry. It is still possible for a qualified electrician to install a fan for you and it should not dramatically increase the ceiling fan installation cost.

Want to know how? Read on to find out!


While you might be able to replace a ceiling fan with the existing wiring in place, it is essential that you employ a licensed electrician for this job. New wiring will need to be installed, which can be technical and even dangerous. Leave it to the professionals for the best results.


The vital first step in installing a ceiling fan without wiring is to turn off the electricity – this means turning off the circuit breaker, which will mean that you cannot electrocute yourself. A qualified electrician will always do this.


Remember that a ceiling fan is a heavy fixture, which means that it should only be placed somewhere with full support. While you may wish for your fan to be in a certain location, an electrician will only place it somewhere with the correct joists to prevent it from becoming a danger to your family.


The first step in the installation process is to install the electrical box. This can usually be nailed into a support joist. However, your electrician may be required to brace and saddle the box if the fan location will be between two support joists. This is a slightly more involved way of placing the box, but will sometimes be necessary.


The next part of the process is to install (or else select) the wall switch you will be using for the fan. The wiring will then need to be installed from the switch to the fan. This is a very delicate operation, which requires the wiring being pulled through the walls and fed up to the fan location.


At this point, the ceiling fan is ready to be mounted. The fan may need assembly ahead of time, and the instructions that come with the fan should always be adhered to. Once the fan is safely mounted, the power can be restored and the fan tested. It should be working perfectly.

And that’s all there is to it! As previously stated, it is best to always have a professional install a ceiling fan, especially if the wiring also needs to be installed. Are you looking to have a ceiling fan installed and wondering what ceiling fan installation cost Sydney electricians will charge? Get in touch with us for the best job at the best price.