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Can I install smoke alarms myself?

One of the most critical things you can do to keep yourself and your family safe is to install smoke detectors in your house. But to ensure they do their job, it’s essential that they’re installed, adequately serviced and tested regularly. So, in this article, we answer the question ‘can I install smoke alarms myself?’ and explain how an electrician can help protect your family and home in the event of a fire.



There are two types of smoke alarms available, battery-powered and hard-wired. Which type you choose will determine whether you can install them yourself or if you should leave the job to the experts. Let’s take a look:

1. Battery-powered smoke detectors

The battery-powered smoke detector requires only the insertion of the batteries and the placement of the sensor in a location where everyone can hear it, such as a bedroom or corridor. This is one of the most commonly used smoke detectors and can be easily installed by someone with basic DIY skills and tools.

2. Hard-wired smoke detectors

Hard-wired smoke detectors are more intricate and challenging to install, which is why we encourage you to contact an electrician to install them for you. After all, if you get this part wrong, you are putting your family at risk.

The number of smoke detectors you need and where they should be installed is usually determined by the layout of your home. If you’re unsure how many smoke detectors you require, an electrician who is certified and licensed to deal with electrical wiring can help.



1. They have up-to-date knowledge of regulations and codes

Regulatory requirements around fire safety are constantly changing and evolving. This means that the smoke detector you installed last year yourself may no longer be legal! Qualified and skilled electricians have to stay up to speed on these developments to conduct their jobs properly and legally, so you can be confident that if you hire one to install your smoke detectors, you’ll be by the rules and regulations.

2. They know how many smoke detectors your home needs

Most people have no idea how many smoke detectors they need in their home, where a qualified electrician comes in. As a general rule of thumb, each bedroom should have a smoke alarm installed, and there should also be a smoke detector placed on any floor that contains a bedroom. A smoke alarm is also required in the kitchen since this is an area where fires often start.

3. They know how to connect your electricity with the alarm

Hard-wired smoke detectors are designed to connect directly to your electrical system, so you shouldn’t attempt to install these yourself. Not only could you injure yourself, but if you cause damage to your home, you’ll end up paying more for repairs than what the initial installation fee would have cost.


While having a smoke alarm in the kitchen might appear to be sufficient, fires might very well start elsewhere in the home. A smoke alarm system with extensive coverage will ensure that you’re notified of the first signs of a fire long before it becomes a severe health hazard.

You’ll be pleased to know that here at Mr Glow ELectrical; we specialize in smoke alarm electrical installations in the Sydney area. Whether you’re moving home or wanting to renovate, our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right system for your needs. Our experts can also install smoke detectors across your house and advise you on the finest brands and solutions available. So, don’t hesitate to contact our expert and friendly team today for more on smoke alarm installation and maintenance.