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Electrical Repair & Maintenance Central Coast

Electrical repairs and electrical problems can happen at any time of the day or night. From minor issues that can wait to emergency repairs that need immediate attention, identifying the issue can go a long way toward preventing bigger problems. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, you may want to call a qualified electrician to your home as soon as possible:


Lights Flickering

If your lights are flickering, this can be a sign of a bigger problem with your electrics. Whether it’s a loose connection or damage to the fuse board itself, a professional can quickly resolve flickering issues safely and effectively.


Buzzing Sounds on Wall Switches or Appliances

A buzzing sound can indicate electricity that is arcing to reach specific sockets or appliances. This can be very dangerous if left unchecked, and it’s always recommended to switch off the electricity to that area before calling a professional to avoid fires or accidents.


Sudden Blackouts Across Your Property

Has your electricity gone completely? Does the rest of your street still have their lights on? This can indicate an issue with the wiring in your house specifically. Whether blackouts are localized to a couple of rooms or your whole house, an expert can quickly and effectively resolve the issue.


Alarms Going Off for No Reason

From malfunction to wiring problems, there are many reasons why a smoke alarm or burglar alarm may suddenly go off for no good reason. A professional electrical repair service can resolve issues and restore your home to complete quiet at the same time.


Damaged or Chewed Wiring

Rodents and insects are common problems for electrical wiring, as well as other household pets. If you’ve noticed frayed or damaged wiring, this can be a risk to you and your loved ones. Call an emergency electrician to make repairs quickly to avoid problems later on. Do any of the above issues apply to you? Then a professional electric repairs service in the Central Coast is the ideal choice for you. At Mr Glow Electrical, we’re specialists in all kinds of electrical repairs. From quick fuse replacements to full rewires, we ensure all of our work is done quickly, effectively, and to the highest standard for our customers.

Electrical Repairs


With extensive experience and knowledge of electrics for properties of all shapes and sizes, Mr Glow Electrical is the ideal choice for Central Coast electrical repairs. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is available according to your schedule, allowing us to come out and solve problems quickly and effectively. Broken electrics can be both irritating and concerning.


Depending on the damage, the electrics in your house may not be safe for children or pets. You need a service you can trust to get the work done, leaving your home safe and your electrics in the best condition at the end of the day. With more than ten years of industry experience and a reputation for excellent quality work, we deliver the best possible results for electrical repairs in the Central Coast.

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Electrical Emergency?


Depending on the severity of your electrical problem, an emergency repair might be the ideal solution for you. With 24/7 around-the-clock availability, our emergency electricians in the Central Coast can be out on-site as quickly as possible to ensure your home is safe and significantly reduce risks.


Unchecked electrical problems can not only be dangerous to be around, but they can also cause fires or damage if they’re not resolved. Our 365-days-a-year availability means we can be out to your property day or night to resolve emergency problems. You can rely on our specialist, professional team to remove hazards, restore your electrics, and get everything working as it should.


Do you need an emergency electrical repair service now? Get in touch with our friendly staff or organise a call-out right here and now. Or, if you’re looking to schedule non-urgent emergency repairs for the future, we’re also more than happy to help by providing the premium service you expect.

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As electricians that specialise in electrical repairs, Mr Glow Electrical can offer prompt and professional service for a range of problems. Our services extend beyond just electrical services, allowing us to work with you to solve complicated problems via our highly-trained team.


With plumbers, gas specialists and electricians in-house, we can provide all the services you need to keep your Central Coast home safe. Whether it’s a leak that’s causing electrical problems or rodents that have damaged gas pipes and electrical wiring, we will always send the right people for the job.


Our transparent pricing, professional approach and around-the-clock availability all make us the ideal choice the next time you need electrical repairs. From small jobs to large-scale rewires, we do it all. Call us today to get a free quote for our electrical repair services and get booked in with our specialist team.

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