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Fault Detection Central Coast

Have you become aware of things like poor wiring or faulty power points in your home that could be dangerous? Contact Mr Glow to speak to an electrical professional and ensure your family and home are safe.


Efficient, Reliable Electrical Work

At Mr Glow, we have the tools and the know-how to resolve all your electrical problems, no matter when they occur. Unfortunately, these things often happen without any warning, and the safety of your home and family is paramount.


Our family-owned electrician business serves locals in the Central Coast, and our team is ready to respond whenever you need us. We will address any electrical issues that arise before they become severe and pose a risk to your home and your family.


When an electrical emergency strikes, you can rest assured that Mr Glow is ready to help – 24 /7. Our technicians are trained and experienced in detecting and locating faults in wiring and electrical systems. We know what to look for and where to find it, so we have the ability to avert a crisis whenever there is the potential of danger from your electrics.


Put your faith in us for your electrical solutions. We are licensed, certified and fully insured to get your electrics into safe working order. Your electricity needs to be working as it should at all times, so contact us today if you have any concerns about fixtures and fittings in your home.


Trustworthy Fault Detection Specialists

Mr Glow is your one-stop-shop for electrical repairs and emergencies in the home. By contacting us, you will be bringing in qualified electrical specialists who work to the highest standards. Our team has all the expertise, experience and tools to tackle electrical faults of all kinds.


If you suspect there is a problem with your home electrics, contact our friendly team and we will dispatch one of our fault detection specialists.


Common Electrical Faults

While faults with electrics can come in many shapes and forms, there are a few things that are quite common in the home:


Sparking/Overheating When Appliances Are Plugged In/Out

Have you seen small sparks around your appliances or noticed that power points have a tendency to overheat? This is not something you should ignore, as it will only get worse. Contact Mr Glow and one of our fault-finding professionals will come out and identify the cause of the problem.


Power Cuts When Certain Appliances Are Used

If you keep finding that using certain appliances causes the power to cut out, it may be an early warning that there is a fault in your wiring. Don’t hesitate to contact Mr Glow to have your wiring inspected and avoid the worry of a potential emergency.


Crackling Sounds or Flickering Lights

As soon as you hear crackling sounds in the walls or see a flickering in your lights, you should contact Mr Glow. Our technicians use cutting-edge fault detection methods to identify and resolve electrical issues like this and get you back on track.


Burn Marks or Burning Smells Around Appliances/Power Points

If you see burn marks or smell burning around your power points, this is a particularly concerning sign of an electrical hazard. Don’t ignore it, and don’t try to fix it yourself. Leave it to the experts at Mr Glow to identify the problem and get things working safely again.


When Should I Call an Electrician?

If you notice any of the following problems, it is a sign that there is a fault in your electrics. Don’t delay in calling Mr Glow because the problem may get worse and even become a danger to your home and family.

  • Flickering lights
  • Crackling noises inside the walls
  • Power point sparks whenever you plugin or unplug appliances
  • Burning smells near electrical outlets/appliances
  • Power outlets becoming hot
  • Burn marks around power points or light switches
  • Power cuts when you use certain appliances


Why Choose Mr Glow?

Mr Glow emphasizes a high standard of customer service and we strive to distance ourselves from the negative perception of ‘tradies’. We are a family-owned and run business with 25 years experience in the trade, we aim to over-deliver with our work to create great value for all our customers.


We are fully licensed and insured, so you can put your faith in us to resolve your electrical faults and emergencies in an efficient, effective way. We won’t rest until your home is safe and protected against the emergence of future hazards.


Customers trust us because we always succeed and we treat our local customers in the Central Coast with respect and compassion. We are available 24/7 for emergencies and offer free estimates on every job. We also endeavour to offer the lowest price on the market so you never feel like you are paying over the odds.


If you need a professional electrician for fault detection or any other electrical need in the Central Coast, contact Mr Glow today.

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