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Common Electrical Faults

The more our homes are filled with electrical devices, the more likely you are to find faults. From televisions to washing machines, ovens and toasters, there’s a chance that any of your electrical items could break down or require some TLC. If you’ve spotted any of these problems, you might need a fault-finding service in the Central Coast:


TVs Turning Off Randomly

You may think that TVs are more reliable than ever before, but there’s still a chance for even the latest technology to malfunction. Whether your TV is changing channels without your input or switching off randomly, a fault-finder can resolve the issue quickly.


Washing Machines Freezing Closed

There’s nothing more frustrating than a washing machine not completing its cycle or holding your clothes hostage with a permanently sealed lock. A fault finder can find the root cause of the issue, ensuring faults are fixed for a smooth washing experience.


Ovens Not Heating Correctly

We often don’t notice that our ovens aren’t working correctly far too late. From half-cooked food to still-frozen meals, an electrical oven problem can be a severe problem. A fault finder can identify issues with installed appliances quickly so that you can get back to enjoying perfectly cooked food every time.


Small Appliances Failing To Work

Is your toaster not popping or is your microwave failing every time it’s turned on? From mixers to kettles, your kitchen is full of small electronic appliances. A trained and qualified fault finder electrician in the Central Coast can find any issues to bring your kitchen back to full working order.


Fuse Boards Tripping Randomly

One of the tell-tale signs of a fault in your home is fuses tripping constantly. If you can’t find the reason behind your lights going off at random, a trained electrician can quickly and easily find the problem using their training and specifically designed technology. Are you struggling with electrical faults in the Central Coast? If any of the above hits close to home, getting on the phone with the professionals is your best next move. Our team at Mr Glow are highly trained and skilled in all areas of electrical services, including fault finding. Whether it’s a quick fix or a complete repair, we work with you to achieve fantastic results in accordance with your schedule.

Why Choose Us


With over a decade of experience in providing fault finding services in the Central Coast, our team at Mr Glow is the best choice for your electrical needs. We’re committed to providing a friendly service, and our knowledge of brands, appliances and products ensures fast results on every single call-out. We know that faulty appliances and improperly working electronics are frustrating.


That’s why we go the extra mile to offer a service that suits your needs. We work quickly to achieve professional results, restoring your appliances and electronics to perfect condition at an affordable and transparent rate. You can trust our expert team with the electrics in your home. Whether it’s an inbuilt oven or fridge, a costly TV or an expensive entertainment system, we treat every job in the Central Coast with the same care, respect and professionalism.

What are the differences?


Do you need a fix fast? Have you planned a dinner party, but your oven is on strike? Have you planned to watch the game, but your TV isn’t cooperating? Then our emergency callout service is the ideal way to get access to high-quality fault finding services in less time.


Our Central Coast-based electricians are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for your emergency electrical needs. In some cases, faults in electronics aren’t just a hassle – they can be dangerous too. From sparking wiring to arcing, damaged electrics and faults can result in harm or even fires. If you’re concerned, speaking to our friendly staff and getting us out on-site is the best way to resolve that issue.


For peace of mind, Mr Glow is your ideal choice any time of the day or night. Need us now? Give us a call to get a member of our specialist electrical team in the Central Coast out to you as soon as possible. We always aim to provide a five-star service, whether it’s the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.

Fault Finding


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Mr Glow Electrical is far more than smoke alarms specialists. We have a wide range of skilled trades under our belt, from plumbing to electricity and gas. With everything covered as part of our five-star service, we’re here to help you in a wide range of circumstances. From installing smoke alarms and rewiring properties to providing new hot water systems and emergency leak repairs, we do it all.


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