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Electrician Toukley


Electrician Toukley

Ever faced an electrical situation that you felt was beyond your control? Mr Glow Electrical, your trusted local electrician in Toukley, is here to bring light back into your life.


As a family-owned business, we know the value of a safe and fully functional home. We aren’t just service providers; we’re your neighbours. For over 25 years, our team of commercial and residential electricians has been delivering top-notch electrical repair services and solutions across Toukley. Our commitment to quality, personalised care, and impeccable attention to detail make us your perfect companion for your electrical needs.

Mr Glow Electrical doing some electrical service.

Emergency Electrician

Ever been caught unawares by an abrupt power cut in the middle of a crucial task? These situations can be distressing, causing not just inconvenience but potential safety hazards as well. But there’s no need to be left in the dark. When electrical disasters strike in the quiet suburb of Toukley, remember, you’re not alone.


Enter Mr Glow Electrical, your knight in shining armour amidst unpredictable electrical emergencies. With our efficient and responsive emergency electrician service, we’ve got your back, day or night. As your professional 24-hour electrician, we work round-the-clock, delivering swift, effective solutions to get your electrical system back on track. With a proud track record of restoring safety, comfort, and functionality to homes and businesses across Toukley, we stand committed to delivering peace of mind when you need it most.


So, when the unexpected happens, and you need a reliable hand to turn the lights back on – remember, Mr Glow Electrical is just a call away.

Commercial Electrician

Your business relies on electricity to function smoothly; downtime can mean loss. As experienced commercial electricians, we offer complete electrical services tailored to the unique requirements of your business. Whether it’s routine maintenance or an urgent repair, we ensure minimal disruption to your operations.

Mr Glow Electrical
Mr Glow Electrical installing the kitchen stove.

Appliance Installation

Have you ever found yourself amid an appliance installation, tangled in a nest of wires and confusing instruction manuals? At Mr Glow Electrical, we believe that you should be able to enjoy your new appliances without the hassle and stress of DIY installation. Our skilled team of professionals is experienced in handling a wide variety of appliances, ensuring each installation is carried out correctly the first time around.


But our service continues beyond installation. We’re also equipped to handle any subsequent appliance repair needs that might arise down the track. Our dedication to exceptional service and technical expertise means we’re quick to diagnose any issues and get your appliances back in working order in no time. So why struggle with wires and instruction manuals when you could be sitting around and relaxing, safe in the knowledge that your appliance installation is in the capable hands of seasoned professionals? Trust Mr Glow Electrical – for seamless appliance installations in Toukley that are done right the first time, every time.

Ceiling Fan Installation

A ceiling fan is essential to any Australian home or business, especially when the Aussie sun turns up the heat. But it’s not just about combating the heat; it’s about choosing the right solution that complements your space, offers energy efficiency, and stands the test of time.


From choosing an ideal model that seamlessly blends with your decor to ensuring safe and effective ceiling fan installation, we at Mr Glow Electrical guide you through every stage. Our expert team provides professional advice based on your unique requirements, ensuring you make the right choice for your cooling needs.


But our commitment to your comfort doesn’t end with the installation. We’re here for the long haul. Over time, like any appliance, ceiling fans may require maintenance and repairs. That’s where our ceiling fan repair services come in. Our experts swiftly diagnose and address any issues, ensuring minimal disruption to your comfort.


Sometimes, though, a repair might not cut it. A replacement may be necessary, whether due to an outdated model, irreparable damage, or a desire for an upgrade. Our ceiling fan replacement services are designed to make this process smooth and stress-free. We’ll help you select a new model if needed and guarantee a secure, professional installation.

Mr Glow Installing ceiling fan.

Transparent Pricing and Free Estimates

Costs shouldn’t be a mystery when it comes to your electrical services. At Mr Glow Electrical, we provide upfront pricing and free estimates, so you know exactly what you’re getting into before we start. Affordable and competitive, our services are designed to offer high value for every dollar spent.

The Mr Glow Guarantee

With us, you’re not just another customer. We take pride in the relationships we build and the trust we earn. We aim to be your go-to electrical service provider in Toukley, one you can rely on without hesitation.


When you choose Mr Glow Electrical, you choose unparalleled professionalism, extensive experience, and a relentless commitment to your satisfaction.

Ready to Illuminate Your World?

Keep electrical woes from casting a shadow on your comfort and convenience. Contact Mr Glow Electrical, the trusted electrical experts in Toukley. Our team of experienced electricians is ready to glow beyond expectations to deliver the high-quality service you deserve!