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How To Hire The Best Electricians In The Central Coast

Being a home or business owner, you’ve most likely faced troubles with your electrical appliances.

Since electrical work is technical, it’s for the best if you don’t try your hands and leave it to the experts. But finding a good electrician in the Central Coast is another hassle and requires a fair amount of research. That’s why we simplified the job for you by putting together this informative guide.

So, are you looking for the best electricians in the Central Coast? Here are the parameters that you should consider before hiring one.



Statistically speaking, there is a high demand for a good electrician or an electrical contractor in the Central Coast. According to the recent SEEK analysis, the requirement for electrical services went up by 66% in Victoria and 20% in the Central Coast NSW. Commonly referred to as “sparkies,” electricians are much sought after because of the increased number of construction and infrastructure projects in the state.

On top of that, the employment scope has also gone up in this industry. As more electrical companies have sprung up, it has become relatively difficult to find operational workers that can provide a quality service. But no worries, after reading this guide, you’ll be able to differentiate between a great electrician and a bad one.




1. Is It A Company Or An Individual?

First of all, decide whether you want to hire a company or an individual electrician to do the job. The main benefit of consulting a company is accountability. When you get electrical services from a reputed organisation, the superiors can be held accountable for their electrician’s work. If you aren’t happy with the service, you can talk to customer support or leave reviews.

Another reason is companies keep training their electricians to keep up with the new technology andli competition in the industry. This ensures that the operational workers are technologically aware, giving you satisfying results.

Lastly, you can ask the company to replace an electrician if they are incompetent. The organisation will listen to you if you have reasonable complaints and send someone else to cater to your needs.

An individual artisan or local electrician in the Central Coast, on the other hand, has nobody to vouch for them and doesn’t take much accountability.


2. Are They Licensed?

Before hiring a company to do your electrical jobs, it’s crucial to ensure that they employ licensed electricians. One easy way to do it is by visiting the official website and running some background checks. You’ll find all the essential information like the certification, qualifications, training, licensure status, and credentials in each electrician’s profile.

There are mainly three points to look at while verifying the licence, and they are:

  • The full name of the electrician
  • The name of the electrical company
  • Their licence number

Cross-checking these details will give you a sure idea if the individual is a licensed electrician and is fit to take up your electrical repairs & renovations.


3. How Experienced Are The Electricians?

You need to know how skilled the electricians are before entrusting them with your electrical work. So, looking into their profile, specialisations and experience is essential. Companies usually provide all this information on their website for potential customers to refer to and decide.

Any company with experience of a decade or so under its belt is more likely to provide quality electrical repairs. But even a new organisation with experienced electricians can equally fit the bill.

Therefore, instead of being restricted to only well-established electrical companies, look through the website of upcoming ones too. In short, the qualifications and experience of electricians matter more than the company’s brand value.


4. Are They Open To Emergency Services?

Your lights might start flickering out of the blue, leading to a sudden blackout, or you may start hearing a buzzing sound from your switchboards. In such instances, you’ll need emergency electrical services, which aren’t that easy to find at an affordable price. Hence, it’s important to keep track of local electricians who offer repair services round the clock.

The top companies acknowledge that electrical emergencies can occur at any time and often need immediate resolution. That’s why they operate 24×7 and can send electricians to save the day whenever needed. While hiring, go through the organisation’s website and see if it provides emergency services; you’ll most probably find this info under the “services” tab.


5. What Services Do They  Offer?

Next, research the electrical services provided by the company and if they have qualified electricians to do the specific jobs. A good company has a large team of professionals with specialisations in different types of electrical work. Some common categories are:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Lighting
  • Switchboards
  • Smoke alarms
  • CCTV cameras
  • Central cooling or heating systems
  • Central wiring
  • Power points
  • Fault finding
  • Electrical repairs and emergency services

So, consider the range of services offered by the company beforehand and ensure that it covers your needs. Any competent electrical business takes care of the above-mentioned tasks.

Furthermore, you’ll have to choose the operational worker according to the type of your building. If you’re having electrical problems at home,  hire residential electricians. However, if trouble occurs in your business or private office, commercial electricians will be more fitting.


6. Are The Prices Fair?

Another important aspect is the cost of the services offered by the electrical company. Electrical work is expensive, even more, if you hire qualified professionals to do it. You shouldn’t pay unreasonably high prices, but licensed and experienced companies usually charge more. Still, there are a number of mid-ranked companies in the Central Coast NSW that provide quality services at reasonable prices.

Often, electricians show you the bill after the task is done, which is more expensive than expected. The best way out is by hiring companies that offer free quotes for all your electrical replacements and additions. And to ensure a low price guarantee, you can look for platforms that have a membership plan.

However, for emergency electrical issues, the charges are bound to be higher than usual. A pro tip: you can hire electricians who charge an hourly rate if you’re sure that the issue will be fixed in a short period.


7. Where Is The Company Located And How Can You Contact It?

It’s better to call up electricians who live nearby, especially in emergencies. An electrical company is better than an individual artisan on this front, too, because it is more likely to have a huge network of top electricians in the city. Therefore, it’s better equipped to deploy an electrician and reach your place soon after you call.

Among other things, the ease of contacting a company is worth noting. Can you place a call all-around the clock, or does it have fixed working hours? The latter is fine, but not if you have electrical problems in the middle of the night.

Also, you need to see whether the support team addresses your issue quickly or keeps you on hold due to a great demand for their services. In this case, you should rather contact electrical services that are more accessible, even if they cost more.


8. What Do The Customers Say?

Lastly, customers are the best judge of any product or service, and it’s vital to consider their opinions. You can skim through the previous projects taken up by an electrician, along with the quality and efficiency of their work. If they’ve worked to customer satisfaction before, they’re more likely to do justice to your demands.

Here are a few things that you should be attentive to while checking out customer reviews:

  • The punctuality of the electrician
  • Accuracy of the price estimated by the electrician
  • The ease of access of the online platform
  • Did the company answer their emergency calls
  • The electricians’ adherence to the safety regulations


A great electrician will reach your home at a decided time and won’t slack off while working. They also stick to your budget and don’t incur unreasonable expenses. Apart from that, they provide an efficient service with holistic knowledge of the job. It’s better if they specialize in a field so that you can specifically request the company to send them.

What’s more, you should cross-check if they are licensed before hiring to save yourself from fraud. Lastly, weigh out their skills against their charges to have a definite idea.



So, that’s all we had to offer on hiring the best electricians in the Central Coast. Keeping these key points in mind will surely help you while searching for a good electrical company.

While an independent electrician can do quality work, we lay emphasis on the benefits provided by an electrical contractor or a large-scale company. That said, we’ll call the curtains for the day.

Take care, and good luck finding a qualified electrician. Until next time!