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Why Is CCTV Important To Your Home

With the increasing crime rates in the country, the demand for security cameras has reached an all-time high.

In fact, you won’t find any commercial and official areas without CCTV cameras to ensure safety and security. So, why not have that peace of mind for your house, too?

If budget is a constraint, let us tell you that there is no dearth of affordable CCTV systems out there. Believe it or not- with the sharp increase in the production of CCTV cameras, the prices have drastically reduced. And with a little maintenance, such cheap cameras can last for a fairly long time, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Still not convinced? Then continue reading as we explain the many benefits of CCTV cameras in every household.



The benefits of outdoor cameras include but are not limited to the following…


1. Helps Gather Evidence

The first advantage of getting a CCTV camera installed at home is that you can readily collect evidence to show the police. After all, the law cannot hold anyone without solid proof, so CCTV camera footage can help a great deal in this aspect.

Some modern cameras may even allow you to record audio, thereby providing better identification of criminals.


2. Helps Identify Thieves, Burglars, And Other Criminals

Adding to the previous point, a home security system can help identify criminals in case of suspicious activity in and around your house. Nowadays, CCTV cameras offer HD recordings and night vision, making it easier to catch the facial features of intruders, robbers, etc.

As such, a CCTV system will not only help keep your family protected but also act as a security measure for those around you.


3. Deductions From Insurance Premiums

Not many are aware of the fact that getting security cameras for your home will help reduce the costs of your insurance policy. The idea behind this is that you are taking extra effort in ensuring the security and safety of your home. So, you are less likely to make any claims for house damage, theft, vandalization, etc.

As a result, insurance providers won’t charge as much as they would have if you didn’t install a CCTV camera on your property.


4. Acts As A Strong Deterrent

Prevention is better than cure, and what better way to prevent suspicious activity on your property than by getting a CCTV system installed?

With the sight of cameras and a warning board on the gate, potential thieves and burglars will avoid attacking your house. After all, no one in their right mind would want to invite trouble by committing a crime right in front of a camera!


5. Requires Very Little Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, CCTV systems require little to no maintenance. So, it’s more of a one-time, long-term safety investment. Once installed, you can rest assured of a safe and secure household for many years ahead.

When it comes to cleaning the cameras, an occasional wipe will be more than enough to prevent hazy footage. And in case of any issues, you can always get an inspection from a professional team!


6. Remote Access Provides Peace Of Mind

Another significant advantage of having a home security system is that you can monitor your home remotely while it is unoccupied. This is especially beneficial for those who stay alone and leave the house unattended for long hours because of work or other engagements.

Interestingly, a CCTV camera with remote access has become so convenient nowadays that you can check what’s happening in and outside the house on any device as long as you have an internet connection. So, even if you are in a different country for a vacation, you have the power to prevent any unfortunate event by installing a security camera.


7. Helps Monitor Workers

Most homeowners prefer getting renovations, repairs, gardening chores, and more done while they are out having fun. Or, you could have workers enter the property while you’re stuck at work. In such situations, a CCTV camera helps monitor their work closely while you’re away. Consequently, you’ll be able to ensure that the workers are doing the work they’re getting paid for and not just whiling away.


8. Ensures Safety Of Children And Pets

Similar to the previous point, having a CCTV camera at home can help keep an eye on children when no one is at home. So, if you have a 9-to-5 job and are unable to find a babysitter every day, it’s high time you consider adding a security camera at home.

In hindsight, even if you hire a nanny or someone to look after the children and pets, having a CCTV camera will ensure they do the job correctly and not mistreat your little ones.




1. Types Of CCTV Security Cameras


A. Wireless CCTV Cameras

These are the most commonly used cameras as they are much more convenient than wired ones. Plus, these cameras are easier to set up and monitor once installed.


B. Bullet Cameras

These were one of the first CCTV cameras to be used and usually point in only one direction. Because of this reason, not many opt for bullet cameras these days.


C. Dome Cameras

These are the ones that you see in malls and most commercial places. A dome camera is best for monitoring a large space as it provides 360-degree coverage.


2. Permissions

Although not always a necessity, getting official permission is a wise thing to do before a CCTV camera installation, especially if you want to fix the camera outside or at the exit points of your house. As a result, the footage may cover some portions of a neighboring house or shop, so you must ensure that the owners of the said property are comfortable with the CCTV installation.


3. Coverage And Location

These two factors are essential while adding a home security system, as you must ensure that the camera is installed in such a way that it covers the most vulnerable areas of your property. So, in this step, we highly recommend getting a professional to inspect the house and suggest the ideal place to fix the camera.


4. Technical Aspects

There are various factors that determine if a particular camera is ideal for your requirements or not. As such, you must check the technical details like the camera resolution, additional equipment required, and more.

Further, you can opt for a camera that allows local storage over cloud storage if you want the footage to remain confidential.


5. Legalities

According to the law, you must notify people about them being recorded. Hence, a CCTV security system must be accompanied by a warning sign, especially if installed in a public place. At home, you can inform your workers, guests, etc., about the presence of a camera in the vicinity.

Also, note that fixing a camera in bathrooms and other private places is illegal.



Overall, the added layer of security that comes with a CCTV camera is what makes it an attractive addition to any household. And let’s not forget that you’ve got tons of affordable options to choose from.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step towards safeguarding your home and family, and call Mr Glow Electrical today for top-notch camera installation services at affordable prices.